5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Transmission

Coming a close second after the engine, vehicle transmission is your car's most vital and expensive part. Taking note of impending failure can save you cash by getting an auto transmission repair instead of a complete overhaul.

Shifting gears should be quick and automatic when your car is working efficiently. If you notice delays in engagement or a surge in RPMs that the engine misses, your transmission needs repair.

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If your car runs a manual transmission, this issue can be remedied by replacing the clutch system.

If you notice the sweet smell of some red fluid that stains your driveway, this is the transmission fluid. A leak can cause damage to mechanical parts under the hood, so you need to get this resolved quickly. Smelling burnt rubber with or without smoke is a critical sign that your transmission needs immediate repair. Failure to act quickly may result in a complete replacement.

Stay alert and listen for any unfamiliar noises in your car. Any humming, grinding, clunking, or whining is not a good sign. Lastly, if your engine service lights come on, act fast and get your car to a mechanic to service your car.