What to Expect When You Visit an Eye Doctor

It's important to be prepared as you visit your eye doctor because they have the knowledge, skills, inspection equipment, and treatment resources required to help preserve your vision and the health of your eyes. Your eye doctor will inquire about your previous experiences with eyesight and any current issues during your initial visit. Additionally, they will ask whether you have a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or other conditions or illnesses that may impact the health of your eyes.

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In that case, they may be interested in learning more about you. The doctor will perform several tests to ensure that your entire visual system, from the brain to the eye, is operating as it should. Additionally, they will search for early signs of eye conditions, many of which can be treated if discovered in time. The exam process usually includes any or all of these tests, following your discussion with the eye doctor about your medical and family history. 1. Visual acuity test 2. Visual field test 3. Slit-lamp examination 4. Fundus photography 5. Dilation 6. OCT screening 7. Glaucoma screening.