The Most Common Lawyer Questions Answered

When people need a lawyer or consider going to law school, they ask the same questions. The Youtube video, "Lawyers Answer Commonly Googled Questions About Lawyers," features two lawyers discussing the most commonly searched inquiries online. Let's find out more!

Why Do Lawyers Use Legal Pads?

According to the attorneys on the video, lawyers like legal pads because it's easier to flip the page. Also, lawyers have been using them for so long that it makes younger people feel fancier.

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Why Do Lawyers Hate Their Job?

One of the panelists answered that they might be stressed, but the truth is that they both love their jobs. If someone hates their job, it's better to find a new one.

Why Are Lawyers Not Called Doctors of the Law?

Attorneys typically have a JD or Juris Doctors, which means they are technically doctors, and some believe they should be referred to as such. But in the United States, they're not allowed to use it because of the confusion it would create.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details and questions answered. Remember to hire a lawyer as soon as you need to and ask them what you should know for your case!