Delicious Chinese Food You Can Enjoy on Your Keto Diet

If you are on a keto diet, you may wonder whether you can still enjoy your Chinese food when the mood strikes. While some foods don't work well on the low-carb diet, there are several Chinese food dishes that you can have while on it. There are a number of Chinese dishes that can be modified a little to make them more keto-friendly so that you can have them on the diet.

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There are many dishes that use meat and vegetables heavily, and these are often perfect for keto diets. A beef and broccoli dish is a great one to have on the diet. Hot and sour soup is also a great meal to have while on the keto diet. It uses cornstarch to thicken it up, but it uses very little of it to get big results. It will add only a couple of grams of carbs to the dish. Moo shu pork is another great dish that will hit your craving as well as keep you low on carbs. It can also be made as moo shu chicken. Egg foo young is another tasty dish that you can make at home and that fits into a kept diet.