What You Should Know About Family Doctors

When you have several people of different ages in your family, you can look at doctors for the adults and then pediatricians to use for health care and checkups. Or, you can look into hiring one of the family doctors in your area to take care of all members of the family. While pediatricians will only see children, and adult general-practice doctors will only see adults, family doctors will treat both.

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This can be a highly convenient arrangement, as many families will have more than one person sick at a time. Illnesses spread in households, and having everyone see the same doctor can be much easier when people aren't feeling well. Often, you can be seen together alongside your child at the same time so that the medical appointment is as efficient as possible. Most family doctors see patients of all ages regularly, so they have a lot of experience with both adults and kids as well as with elder care. It's helpful to have one doctor's office to call when there is a problem and you need advice or an appointment. WIth just one doctor's office to remember, you won't have a lot of phone numbers to try to keep straight.