Becoming a Lawyer in the United States Armed Forces

The U.S. Army presents this YouTube video on becoming a lawyer in the armed forces. During this presentation, viewers will learn the difference between civil and military lawyers and the different agencies they work with throughout their term. Generally, those who wish to become JAG lawyers -- in other words, attorneys that work with the Judge Advocate General's office -- go through the same process as civilians. They must complete their undergraduate degree first at a public, private, or military-based institution.

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If they're part of an ROTC program, students will become military officers after graduation. If not, they must attend Officer Candidate School (OCS). From there, the way to become a lawyer in the U.S. armed forces is to pass the LSAT exam, graduate from law school, and pass the bar exam. From there, candidates apply to the bar of their respective military organizations. In the end, being a JAG lawyer isn't always what people see on television or in the movies. They have the choice of different legal sectors.