Have You Fallen For These 5 Common Legal Myths?

Law is a comprehensive field that becomes even more puzzling the more you explore it. You never know when you may need a lawyer, but you'll want to have all the facts before you do. You may have fallen for these 5 common legal myths before, but you won't have to fall for them ever again.

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The Victim Determines Whether to Press Charges

It's important for the victim to want to press charges in order for charges to be placed, but it's the prosecuting attorney who decides whether to press charges.

The Loser Pays the Winner's Attorney Fees

While it is true in England that whoever loses in a court case must pay the winner's attorney fees, this is not true in America. In America, generally, each individual must pay their own attorney fees regardless of the case outcome.

Contracts Have to Be in Writing

A contract is still enforceable if it is not written down. That would include verbal contracts.

Full Coverage Insurance

When a car insurance agent mentions full coverage, it only means that the insurance will fully cover the repairs of the car even if you are found to be at fault for the accident. It does not mean that it will cover medical bills.

Assets Are Split Equally in a Divorce

Most states except, for California and Texas, have moved to an equitable distribution structure concerning divorce. This means it will be distributed fairly as determined by the judge. .