When Do You Need A Hearing Aid?

Hearing loss is something everyone is expected to experience throughout their lifetime. As individuals grow older, their hearing ability will naturally decline, although there are various methods to slow it down. Among different health suggestions, you may need to invest in a hearing aid, but how do you know when you may need one?

Do you need hearing aids for mild hearing loss? Yes, you do. Mild hearing loss is defined by medical professionals as hearing loss between 26-40 decibels.

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The best way to confirm if you've experienced hearing loss is to get a hearing test from an audiologist. They will use a visual chart called an audiogram to chart your hearing for both of your ears.

Typically, a person with mild hearing loss has difficulty hearing birds, water dripping, leaves rustling, shuffling on carpeted surfaces, or similar noises. Hearing these mundane sounds may seem pretty insignificant, but this also affects hearing speech. Individuals with mild hearing loss can often feel as though people are mumbling or speaking somewhat incomprehensibly.

Individuals with mild hearing loss can also have a hard time understanding what others are saying in a noisy environment. If you believe you may be experiencing mild hearing loss, it's important to visit a licensed audiologist and they will be able to recommend the best treatment.