Ask Your Estate Planning Lawyer These Questions

A person hires an estate planning lawyer to handle, manage, and direct their finances after passing or if they become incapacitated. Estate planning lawyers divvy out money, assets, and personal goods to relatives and may pay outstanding debts and bills. When looking for and meeting with an estate planning lawyer, begin by asking about their background and experience.

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This question is especially important if this particular lawyer does not come as a recommendation. Following up, people ask general questions about the estate planning process. • How does the lawyer handle certain contingencies, problems, situations, etc.? • What is their experience with writing and revising wills? Once the general questions about estate planning are answered, discuss payment options, costs, and future fees. • How does a lawyer charge for reviewing legal documents? • How much do they take after a person passes, and why is that? At this point, most people have a gist of the role of an estate planning lawyer and can ask more personal questions or will know if they feel confident with that specific estate planning lawyer.