How to Introduce a New Dog at Dog Daycare

People could be afraid to take their dogs to daycare because they might not get along with others, but the instructor should know how to integrate your pet into this new setting. The video describes how to introduce your dog slowly into dog daycare and what you have to know about it, so let's find out more!

An employee will typically take a new dog through their facility using a leash, and it works great if there aren't that many dogs in the space already. This way, they can smell and get familiar with the spot without too much stimulation initially.

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You can start introducing them to another friendly dog later to begin their learning process.

The video recommends adding one new dog at a time, as some need a few minutes to adapt. Others might require a few hours, and many could need several visits before they're entirely comfortable. Unfortunately, not every dog will adapt well, which is why this introduction is vital.