Steakhouse Etiquette Explained

Having excellent restaurant etiquette is a point of pride for many people, but going to a steakhouse might be confusing. Is it a fancy restaurant that expects high-end manners? Is it a comfortable spot? The video describes the etiquette you should maintain at these spots, so let's find out more! The Difference between a Steakhouse According to the video, a steakhouse is a bit different from other restaurants as each one is like a club with its own rules and expectations. If you dress up nicely for a steakhouse, the staff is more likely to treat you better.

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It's also a great idea to start your dinner with a nice cocktail while you decide what to eat. Even if you're in a nice area, don't be afraid to order the cheapest wine on the list, as their selection is probably great already. Although the menu might have many options, don't choose any add-ons. You're there for the steak, not seafood or other distractions. You can check out the rest of the video for more details about steakhouse etiquette, and you'll be the best-served customer of the entire night. Remember always to be polite and tip your servers.