Can You Afford an Engagement Ring?

You might know a little about how much you should spend on a wedding and engagement ring but still have no idea what it should genuinely cost. The Youtube video "How Much Should I Be Spending on An Engagement Ring?" shows a young man asking for advice on the subject, and here's what they have to say!

How Much Should You Spend?

First, don't go to the jewelry store for advice because they will always recommend something more expensive. You might have heard you need to spend a three-month salary on an engagement ring, but that's not right either.

Video Source

The recommendation from the video is that you should not spend more than one month's income on this, and that's only if you can genuinely afford it. You could invest that amount if the purchase doesn't hinder your lifestyle for one month. Also, it would be best to research the local stores in your area, the options online, and more before making a final decision.

You check the rest of the video for more details about spending on a wedding and engagement ring and remember to do what feels best for you. Don't follow societal pressure; instead, go with your gut!