How an Attorney Can Get a Case Dismissed

Many people react in the same manner at first when accused of a crime by wondering how they will get rid of the case. Fortunately, it is possible to have your case dismissed, and you might even be able to have the charges dropped before the case even goes to court. However, you will need the help of accomplished criminal attorneys, and below are some ways they achieve it. During an arrest, interrogation, or pretrial proceedings, prosecutors and law enforcement authorities are subject to stringent protocol.

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You need to inform your lawyer if a breach of protocol violated your rights since it will enable them to ensure the case against you is dropped if they can prove it. In some circumstances, your lawyer may persuade the prosecution that there isn't enough evidence to make a strong case, which results in the prosecutor withdrawing charges before filing. In other situations, your lawyer might be able to offer strong evidence that refutes the police account. Your attorney may ask the judge to dismiss the case due to insufficient evidence if the prosecution decides to move forward with the case despite the lack of sufficient proof. The district attorney's office and law enforcement only have limited time and money to pursue cases. Your attorney might be able to strike a bargain to have your charges dropped or lowered if the prosecutor has many cases on their schedule and limited resources.