An Estate Planning Lawyers Advice After 34 Years

Estate planning is a sensitive topic for a lot of people because it forces them to think about who manages and inherits their property in the event of their death. As a result, it's vital that people get it right. Hiring an estate planning attorney is one way to get estate planning right. An estate attorney not only does what their clients want but also advises them.

Video Source

This review will highlight advice from an estate planning attorney who's practiced for 34 years. According to the narrator in the video, parents should leave their kids a legacy as opposed to an inheritance. When parents leave their kid's assets, they will come and collect them and maybe burn through them in a couple of years. To leave their kids a legacy, parents should leave assets in trust such that they will be passed on to future generations. People planning their estates should consider leaving part of their inheritance to charities dear to them or fund research for medical conditions to which they have lost loved ones. People planning their estates should also consider leaving a part of their inheritance to non-family members who shaped their lives, and whom they'd want to thank.