Do You want to Become a Continuing Education Provider?

With research evolving daily, one of the tools that keep professionals in various sectors up to date is continuous education offered by continuing education services. According to the narrator in the video, continuous education service providers are licensed by their state of residence to teach and give certification in various topics. Continuous service providers can be organizations or individuals; what's the process of becoming one? According to the narrator in the video, the first step of becoming a CE provider is for people to ensure they're licensed in the profession they want to offer continuous education.

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The second step is downloading the application form. People should go through the form slowly without rushing to ensure they don't make any mistakes. Aspiring CE providers should know the fee they pay to their state after submitting their application is non-refundable, so if they make mistakes in their application, they will have to pay another application fee. The third step for aspiring CE providers is requesting a course and credit approval form. An aspiring CE provider won't be licensed until their first course is approved. Providers should submit separate documents if they have more than one course they want to teach. If the forms are okay, the aspiring CE provider should receive approval.