What Supplies Do You Need to Start a Mobile Detailing Business?

Mobile auto detailing is one of the businesses people can start with a small amount of up-front cash and incur low overheads. However, people need to have various supplies to do the job. Since clients are paying, they expect their mobile auto detailer to give their cars an authentic showroom finish, so a bucket, sponge, rag, and soap solution won't do the trick. Therefore, which supplies do aspiring mobile auto detailers need?

According to the narrator in the video, one of the most crucial supplies for auto detailing jobs is brushes. A professional auto detailer needs different brushes to clean, dry, and polish the interior and exterior areas of their client's vehicles.

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A professional detailer also needs latex gloves which they should wear, especially when using abrasive chemicals. The narrator in the video says he suffered burns due to constantly using abrasive auto detailing chemicals without wearing gloves.

A professional auto detailer also needs a pressure washer to clean the interior and exterior of vehicles. An auto detailer should connect their foam cannon to the pressure washer to easily apply soap solution to the exterior part of the vehicle.

An auto detailer also needs an air compressor to help them eliminate dust and water in hard-to-reach areas like corners and deep grooves.