How Do You Find and Pick a Primary Doctor?

At some point in your life, you will have to choose a primary doctor for yourself. Whether you have just moved or you have come to an age where seeing a pediatrician isn't right for you anymore, you have to take certain steps to locate and choose the right primary doctor for you. A primary doctor is one that you will see regularly for checkups, illnesses that aren't serious, and references to specialists.

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On occasion, your insurance will require that you select a regular doctor such as this. It is also wise to have a doctor like this in case you have some sort of recurring health issue. Hank Green, featured in this video, details the necessary steps to take to find a primary doctor. He advises that you take specific health conditions into account. If you have a uterus, note that your GYNO could also act as your primary physician — but that's something to ask about. Be sure to ask your insurance provider about what doctors are in-network. Don't forget to think about office hours and location and how they work for your schedule. Google searching for reviews will serve you well. For more information, watch this video! .