What Your Check Engine Light Means

A check engine light comes on in the dashboard when the Onboard Diagnostics System (OBD) has detected a problem with the car's various systems. The video shows how to deal with check engine lights that come on. The problem can be major or minor.

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The type of fault cannot be known immediately. However, if the check engine light is flashing, this indicates a more serious problem. To find out what problem the check engine light indicates, obtain a scan tool, and plug it into the OBD port of the car. A list of codes that indicate the exact problem will come up. If the car is running fine, despite the check engine light being on, the codes can be erased from the OBD. This switches off the check engine light. However, another light can come on in the dashboard, relating to one of the codes that the check engine light was trying to highlight when it came on. This indicates that the issue needs to be addressed eventually. Sometimes it is better to wait to correctly identify the problem that a check engine light is trying to highlight. Do not ignore a flashing check engine light.