What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

Many people wonder what happens to an individual's assets when they die. Here is a video with the details. A probate law attorney helps non-lawyer clients manage their responsibilities as executors, personal representatives, or administrators of estates. They help them with everything they require as they navigate the probate process.

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The probate process comprises settling the deceased individual's debts and allocating the estate assets based on the state law or the will. A probate law attorney can play the role of an estate outlining attorney. The responsibilities of a probate lawyer depend on the administrator's or executors' needs, the complexity of the estate, legal challenges with the debtors or beneficiaries, and whether the deceased had a will. Suppose the deceased had completed a valid and signed will before dying. A probate law attorney can be hired to help the administrator understand the probate procedure based on the will's terms. Suppose a beneficiary is challenging the will. A probate law attorney can represent an individual in probate litigation. If the deceased didn't leave a valid will, they are considered to have passed away intestate. In this case, state inheritance regulations decide who inherits the estate. For example, a remaining spouse can receive half or the entire deceased partner's property.