FAQs for Body Contouring Surgery After Weight Loss

It's always a significant achievement to reach your goal weight. The post- body contouring surgery comes with surgery after conducting a bariatric on patients who have lost weight due to bariatric surgery. Usually, these patients have loose extra skin that must be removed.

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Some of the body contouring surgery that professionals do can go from peniculectomy, which takes the excess tissue and skin hanging over the belly when they lose weight, to inner thigh lifts. It may also go to breast lift surgery, as the breasts can become saggy due to weight loss. Sometimes, professionals can do augmentation on patients to give fullness to the breasts again. Patients may also have loose extra skin on their faces. That's why they needed a facelift so it could take it, as it involves loose skin anywhere from the head down to the legs. Who Should Consider Post-bariatric Body Contouring Surgery? Patients who have undergone a gastric bypass can undergo post-bariatric body contouring surgery. Usually, these patients have a good rapport with their surgeons. How Long Should a Patient Wait before Body Contouring Surgery? Bariatric surgery patients should take at least wait for a year to let them lose some weight. Of course, doctors want to stay for the weight loss, but sooner can be too soon, and some patients have to wait for a couple of years. .