What to Know About Biologic Dentistry

According to Biologic Dentist Nicole Vane's video on Biologi Dentistry, knowing what materials a dentist uses inside the mouth is essential. Biologic dentistry takes a holistic approach to dentistry since materials used in the mouth also affect the rest of the body. Nicole explains that the first step for a patient is to take a biocompatibility test.

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Since this kind of dentistry uses different materials to repair and improve the teeth, the test lets the biologic dentist know which materials would suit the patient with no possible allergies or issues before treatment begins. For example, a safe material called Amir Fusion is used, which is BPA free and has no fluoride in it. Flouride has been discovered not beneficial to teeth as once thought. Mercury, a liquid metal that was once used to fill cavities in teeth, is dangerous and no longer used in dentistry, hence the newer, safer materials used by biologic dentists. Doctor Vane states that her biologic dentistry practice at Moonlight Beach Dental excels in removing mercury amalgam metal fillings that could make you sick. Biologic dentists are becoming part of essential dental care for total body health.