Myths That Dentists Know Aren't True

In this informative video, two dentists explain common dental myths broadly believed. Teeth do not respond well to hard and wide brushing. This destroys the protective enamel.

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Instead, brushing several teeth at a time with less pressure is better. Dentists can show patients which brushing strokes to use for the best results. Not everyone will have wisdom teeth removed. When there is pain or impaction, they possibly need removing. However, many wisdom teeth grow in alignment with other teeth, presenting no problem. White teeth do not always mean healthy teeth. There sometimes is unseen damage below the gum line or weak enamel. Dental X-rays can reveal these problems no matter how white the teeth are. Drinking acidy drinks through a straw, for example, soda is not always better for teeth. This is because the fluid needs to bypass the teeth entirely, landing only on the tongue. While a straw can help if careful, it is best to rinse the mouth with water after the drink to clear the enamel-destroying residue that lingers. Learning about more myths in the video assists in proper dental care. Oral care is an essential part of overall health care.