The Top Equipment You Need to Open an Auto Body Garage

If you are interested in opening an auto body garage as a new business endeavor, consider some of the most important equipment you will need. Being the owner of an auto shop can be rewarding, as you'll get to work towards the efforts of making drivers safer on the road. It is recommended that you start purchasing equipment the moment you think about opening a location.

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You should get a sturdy vehicle jack and jack stand you can rely on to be used for many cars. You can store all the larger pieces of equipment throughout the year before you start your business. If you don't have your location yet, use the extra garage space or shed storage in your current living space. You will also need a high-quality drain caddy and bucket for changing oil, an air compressor for adding air to tires, and likely pull jacks. These types of jacks can be used on a car lift for pulling up axles or anything other parts that are harder to reach. For more information, contact an auto body garage owner you can trust. .