Here's a Demonstration of How Mediation Goes

Every dispute between two parties in conflict does not always necessitate litigation. Sometimes, parties in disagreement can look for alternative ways of conflict resolution. One way to do that is through mediation. Mediation solves disputes faster, cheaper, and less adversarially than litigation. This video demonstrates what mediation involves and the results both parties can expect from the process.

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The first step of mediation is the parties involved agreeing to the process. The parties in conflict arrange to meet and choose a mediation lawyer with extensive experience in dispute resolution. Next, the mediator meets each party separately to evaluate the situation and understand their respective points of view. It is only then that the mediator will facilitate a negotiation between both parties in order to assist them in reaching an agreement. This process is sometimes very engaging and can involve taking breaks between sessions. When the parties reach an agreement, the mediation lawyer summarizes the positions to ensure that the agreement is clear. Afterward, he or she drafts a document outlining the agreement terms. Both parties are then asked to carefully review these terms and present any concerns before signing the document. Upon signing the document, the parties reach an agreement.