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How to Eat Healthier

Our Food and Drinks page offers quality resources for readers looking to find new meal options, drink recipes, tips for healthy eating, and more. For most people, eating healthier would improve their weight, quality of life, and even their lifespan. It can seem like eating healthy means eating nothing but boring food, but that’s not what has to happen. When you introduce a wide range of food options into your diet and tweak some of the steps you’re taking now with what you eat or how you eat, you can see vast improvement. Your food doesn’t have to taste bad, either. Consider a few helpful tips.

Eat Whole Foods Rather Than Processed Foods

It is certainly harder to eat whole foods instead of purchasing frozen products or eating fast food. However, by moving to fresh foods, you are eliminating many of the most common preservatives and chemicals in your diet, and that in itself can improve your health by leaps and bounds. Try to:

By taking this step and then eating more fruits and vegetables in general, you could see improvement in the way you feel, your energy levels, and your enjoyment of food.

Make a Switch in Proteins

While beef is a good iron-producing option for your body, it also tends to have the most saturated fat in it. Try to replace it in some form. For example, mix ground turkey and ground beef together. You aren’t likely to taste a difference, but you’re significantly reducing the fat consumed. You can also incorporate more fish or chicken into your diet, both of which are leaner than what beef offers.

That doesn’t mean you have to eliminate a steak or not eat a burger. What it does mean is looking for ways to adjust what you’re taking in even slightly over the course of the day or week to minimize how much of that higher fat option you’re consuming.

Always Eat Breakfast

Not only does your body need food first thing in the morning to get started for the day, but eating early helps to wake up your metabolism. From the start of the day, your body is working to burn stored fat to turn it into energy at a healthy level. Over time, that means you’ll likely see improved weight loss, and you may not be hungry throughout the day.

What you eat for breakfast matters, too. Give your body a healthy dose of nutrition first thing in the morning. That could mean eating a meal that includes fruits and vegetables and some type of lean protein. Eggs are very good for you. Cereals and coffee drinks packed with sugar (including all of those flavored creamers) are not the ideal choice. They not only contain very high levels of sugar but also tend to include a huge number of calories. These cause a burst in your energy levels but then cause you to crash by the middle of the day.

Reduce the Amount of Sodium You Consume

Anything that’s frozen, pre-packaged, or purchased pre-made is likely packed with more sodium than you realize. Even Vegan options can contain significant sodium. While your body certainly needs some sodium on a consistent basis, too much can create a higher risk of heart disease. It may also cause you to retain fluid.

Look at the level of sodium that’s in the foods you eat, even if something doesn’t taste salty. For example, some products will have a saline-based solution added to them before freezing. That’s going to increase the sodium in what you think is just a piece of protein. Avoid using a salt shaker at the table, too.

Control Your Portions

Eating too much can lead to your body storing those calories to use later for energy when it needs it. While this may be ideal for some people, it can lead to weight gain in others. Read the portion size on a container of any ingredient to learn what the manufacturer expects you to consume. What you may find is that portions are much smaller than you think.

By taking these steps, you could improve your diet one step at a time. That could mean a healthier you for the year to come.

How to Pick a Caterer

Are you in the market to hire a caterer to help you with your next event? Food is such a big part of any type of experience that it’s critical to have a strategy for choosing not just any available caterer but one that will wow your guests. There are plenty of factors to think about, but a few specific steps could really make a big difference in your results.

Take the time to compare several parties and look for caterers that focus on what’s most important to you. Do you want super healthy food? Do you have a specific ethnic cuisine in mind you want to ensure is authentic? Perhaps you’re looking for a caterer that can serve multiple options, including options for those who are gluten-free or vegan.

How to Choose a Good Restaurant for Special Occasions

One of the best ways to celebrate with friends and family is to share a meal. Most people don’t want to have to worry about creating a menu and handling the cooking for a group of people themselves, though. Instead, choose a restaurant that can make your special occasion meaningful. How can you know what to expect? Consider these tips.

This information can give you some insight into what the location can offer. Don’t stop there, though. Sometimes, the best way to understand what is likely to occur requires getting information from those who have been there. Look for reviews on Google and other sites that specifically mention the location’s ability to handle a party of your size. This type of research can help you know what to expect.

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