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  1. TERRIBLE CONTRACTORby Tonimiles on 04/10/2012
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    Mr. Beaney, We challenge you to allow potential clients to contact us. We will discuss your poor workmanship, disgusting business behavior from you and your wife, provide the cashed check and contract signed by you showing PAID IN FULL, along with the extended warranty you did not honor. We also will provide documents showing we had to hire another contractor at a cost of $15,000 to correct the problems you created. Mr. Beaney has never heard of building wrap!!! I can only hope my review will help the next person you try to scam. Our new boathouse was built by Pat Ledger and we have had no problems. I feel very sorry for the Northwoods School because I am sure their problems will surface. Are you up to the Challenge?

    • Beaney Construction - Outstanding Quality and Craftsmanshipby Roger Boyce on 02/03/2012
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      Beaney Construction completed a major addition and studs-up renovation of my home in Lake Placid. The craftsmanship is outstanding and I am extremely satisfied to the point where I have contracted for additional work since completion of the initial project. The most impressive thing is how Mike helped me resolve an issue with work done by a sub-contractor. He took responsibility for all aspects of work. Mike and that sub-contractor addressed the issue, completed the fix, which resolved the problem, without expecting reimbursement for time or materials. I have found Beaney Contraction to be responsive and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him for quality work and attention to detail.

      • Beaney Construction, a great choiceby Jim Cushman on 02/02/2012
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        Beaney Construction has built a residence and 2 garages with apartments above for our family and we have been very happy with his professionalism and quality of work. Mike's timetable was closely adhered to and his estimates were fair and complete. He is very competent and easy to work with, as is his crew, and always accommodating when changes or other situations came up. Several years ago we lost a huge portion of the roof of our camp that was built by another contractor. We contacted Mike for help and he was at our place within the hour. We had 60 mph winds but Mike was able to temporarily cover our roof so we didn't have any more damage and the following day he had a double crew work well past their normal work day to complete a new roof that was properly secured and water tight. I would highly recommend Beaney Construction for building repairs and new construction. He has always gone out of his way when we have needed him and we are very pleased with all the work he has done for us.

        • Beaney Construction Inc reply to review dated 10/21/11 by Toni Milesby Beaney Construction Inc. on 01/25/2012
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          Our company and our clan as the above put it, worked for over a year on two projects. The above praised our company and our clan continuely until there was a dispute over the final payment. As for the leaks, the above forgot to mention that there were NUMEROUS contractors that had worked on their place prior to our starting and that most of them walked off the job because of their unreasonable, unrealistic and completely ridiculous manner! The leaks have yet to be proven as our workmanship. Yes, Toni Miles, we do want a check. We have 8 employees who would like to feed their families as well as ourselves. Do you think we got rich off your project? Not by any means! You cost our company alot of money not to mention the stress of working with such difficult people whose demands are down right ludacris! Not on the jobsite? Really? I couldn't leave your place without receiving a phone call within a 1/2 hour of leaving! I bent over backwards, forwards and every which way for you two. Our clan, as you put it, even carried in your belongings when they were delivered to the house from your ski trip! NOT PART OF OUR CONTRACT!! I have never, nor do I intend to, cut corners on any project that I complete. Our company has a national accredited rating of A+ as well as references from national and local trades vendors. In over 700 jobs and 5 years of business I have NEVER had one complaint. Our reputation is built on commitment, communication and continued service long after the job is complete. Our company honors all warranties for PEOPLE THAT PAY THEIR BILL! The above failed to disclose that they have an outstanding balance with our company and that we did respond to their letter in reference to the leak issue. Our response was that we would certainly review the issues when they PAID THEIR BILL! In closing, I would like to say to my fellow contractors, DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE EVIL AND WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED!!!

          • LEAKS,LEAKS,and more LEAKS!!!!by toni miles on 10/21/2011
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            STAY AWAY!! the most inexperienced builder with his clan..they only want a check. Does not build to code, ex: building wrap missing, roof leaks, our old house did not leak until he completely remodeled it and the guest house..a Nightmare to work with, does not show up on job site, cuts corners, and then again we have the leaks..also does not honor Warrenty...see you in Court, Mr. Mike Beaney!!!


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