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The filing of a Social Security disability claim and the subsequent appeals process is confusing to many applicants. It is often overwhelming to locate, prepare, and present the information you are looking for when you are faced with disability claim denial. Hiring experienced representation will alleviate that burden, as well as ensure that you are able to prove your disability to the Social Security Administration. Clients represented by Bill Gordon & Associates receive the best representation available., HOW CAN A DISABILITY LAWYER HELP MY CASE? Its our experience that counts. We help you understand the appeals process. -Examine your claim under Social Security regulations.- Check Status of your Social Security disability claim throughout the process. - File your appeals and help you complete Social Security Forms. - Make sure that appeal deadlines are not missed. - Review Social Securitys decisions and actions on your claim.- Work with Social Security to make sure your file has complete records. - Help you gather and submit medical evidence. - Help prepare your testimony for hearing. - Submit an argument summarizing the evidence and facts in your claim. - Send your doctors medical questionnaires regarding your condition. - Request that Social Security send you to additional medical exams if necessary. - Review and copy documents in your Social Security file. - Represent you in a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge., Over 20 Years Experience

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