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Serving Missouri and its surrounding states for 100 years Musical Instrument Sales and Rental Guitars Drum Sets Various Musical Instruments Instruction Available Repairs Available

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Mastercard, Visa, Discover

Products Offered

Music Instruction Materials, Guitar Cables, Chimes, Cymbals, Music Books, Guitar Tabs, Guitar Strings, Amplifiers, Mouth Pieces, Mixing Consoles, Thumb Picks, Sheet Music, Music Stands, Drumsticks, Sound Plugs, Recording Equipment, Ear Plugs, Guitar Cases, Drum Heads, Microphones, Reeds, Piano Lamps, Finger Picks, Guitar Amplifiers, Rosin, Chin Rests, Pedals, Instrument Cases, Flat Picks, Shoulder Rests, Guitar Straps

Musical Products Offered

Bassoons, Pitch Pipes, Concertinas, Cowbells, Lutes, Baby Grand Pianos / Grand Pianos, Electric Keyboards, Folk Instruments, Oboes, Clarinets, Violas, Trombones, Drums Kits, Congas, Cornets, Violins, Trumpets, Banjos, Rattles, Fiddles, Flutes, Percussion Instruments, Electric Guitars, Organs, Recorders, Secondhand Instruments / Used Instruments, Stringed Instruments, Long Drums, Indigenous Instruments, Brass Instruments, Saxophones, Steel Guitars, Accordions, Harps, Ukeleles, Cellos, Piccolos, Harpsichords, Dulcimer, Pianos / Upright Pianos, Guitars, Bass Drum, Band Instruments, French Horns, Orchestra Instruments, Xylophones, Bongos, Tubas, Strings, Tin Whistle, Cymbals, Harmonicas, Tambourines, Marimba, Mandolins, Woodwind Instruments, Triangles, Bugles, Used Pianos, Steel Drums, Acoustic Guitars

Services Offered

Music Clinics, Guitar Lessons, Music Theory Instruction, Instrument Repair, Piano Restoration, Music Performance Assessment, Music Lessons, Musical Instrument Instruction, Piano Tuning, Private Music Instruction, Keyboard Lessons

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