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I practice Criminal, DUI, & Juvenile Defense because I deeply care and am passionate in helping people successfully navigate the complex criminal justice system. I know what it is like to be charged with crimes. I also know the fears, anxiety & concern passing through you and what could possibly happen to your life, freedom, & future. I understand & empathize with those who come to my criminal defense law firm seeking my help and expertise to resolve their case. I will always work very hard & smart to find sensible & workable solutions to their problems. I care for each & every client & the results I get for my clients. I know what it feels like to be accused; to face the juggernaut of the criminal justice system & the government with all of its resources against the little guy. Even the richest and the mightiest of persons is little when compared to the awesome powers & resources of the government. I am a well trained, experienced, knowledgeable & dedicated Denver Criminal Lawyer to help you win. WE NEVER GIVE UP. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. I PERSONALLY REPRESENT AND HANDLE EACH CASE. YOUR CASE IS NOT ASSIGNED TO A JUNIOR INEXPERIENCED ATTORNEY. WITH IYER LAW OFFICE YOU GET FORMER COLORADO STATE PROSECUTOR AND EXPERIENCED TRIAL TESTED CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER AT EACH STEP OF YOUR CASE. I PROMISE TO LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED TO GET YOU THE RESULTS YOU EXPECT AND WANT. I CARE FOR YOU AND YOUR CASE. I CARE FOR THE RESULTS WE GET AND EXPECT OF US. WE NEVER SURRENDER YOU TO THE POLICE. We design and tailor your defenses to get you the best possible outcome. As Former Colorado State Prosecutors we understand the way the prosecutors analyzes the case they have against you and we can counter and weaken the prosecutor's case so that you get the results you want and expect. We provide AGGRESSIVE, ASSERTIVE, AND SMART DEFENSES THAT WORKS IN YOUR FAVOR. With us you are not just a client. We build relationships to last a life time. Some of my clients have been with me since 1991 when I was a Tax Accountant and have stayed with me when I began practicing criminal defense law. Defending your rights and freedom is very personal to me and I give you all I have to get you results.

Attorneys / Lawyers

  • Area of Practice

    Criminal Law,DUI, DWI, OUI, OWI / Traffic Violations,Juvenile Law / Children's Rights Law

  • Criminal Law

    Alcohol Offenses,Assault Offenses,Battery Offenses,Criminal Defense,Criminal Trials,Death Penalty Cases,Drug Related Offenses,DUI, DWI, OUI, OWI Offenses,Federal Law,Felonies,Fraud,Homicide,Jail Release for Clients,Juvenile Offenses,Misdemeanors,No License / Invalid License / Suspended License,Probation Violations,Record Sealing,Sex Crimes,Sexual Battery,Spring Break Offenses,State Law,Theft Cases & Robbery,Traffic Related Offenses,Vacation Offenses,Weapons Charges,White Collar Crime,All Colorado Municipal and City Violations

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    Appointment Flexibility,Emergency Consultation,Flexible Payment Options,Use of Private Investigators,We Care and Fight for you just like you were our family. You are family with us

  • Licenses, Certifications, Accreditations

    National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers,National Bar Association,National Association of Counsel for Children Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Colorado Bar Association Denver Bar Association Wyoming State Bar

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    1. Do you need a DUI Attorney in Denver? Iyer Law Office will help youby Jessic C on 08/14/2011
      User Avatar
      I was charged with DUI criminal charges. I hired Iyer Law Office for help me with these criminal charges. He was able to knock down 30 points and got me a plea to a 6 point violation. I did not expect anyone could do this; but Vee did that for me. He more than meet my expectations; in fact, exceeded my expectations. I am fortunate I found Attorney V Iyer of Iyer Law Office. The Overall Value, services and quality provided, and results obtained was exceptional. The Level of Legal Knowledge of Attorney Iyer was as I expected - Exceptional. The price I paid for all of this level and quality of legal services was very low. ||[]Attorney Iyer is a professional and the legal services provided to me was "WORTH EVERY PENNY". There may be others cheaper in price, but you get what you pay for. With Attorney Iyer you are not just a case number, but a friend. I hope I never need his services again but WOULD USE AND RECOMMEND HIM!!. I will definitely recommend Attorney Iyer to my friends and family.||[]

      • Want a superb Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Denver - Iyer Law Officeby Musician on 08/14/2011
        User Avatar
        I hired Iyer Law Office to defend me in a Domestic Violence criminal case. I knew I was innocent (they all say that, is it not so) but I was still charged. The results I obtained from Iyer Law Office far exceeded my expectations. The value of service was excellent. The quality of service from Iyer Law Office staff and Attorney V. Iyer was also exceptional. Attorney Iyer has an excellent knowledge of domestic violence criminal law. It helps that Attorney Iyer was also a former Colorado District Attorney. Mr. V. Iyer has done an excellent job to represent me and I appreciate him and his office. The price I paid was reasonable. I strongly recommend Iyer Law Office for any Domestic Violence criminal case. Looking back, I am glad I did not hire the cheapest domestic violence lawyer in Denver, Colorado. Mr. V. Iyer is not the cheapest domestic violence lawyer but he is also not the most expensive domestic violence criminal defense attorney. For the amount of work and depth of domestic violence expertise he puts into the case he is very reasonable. An excellent domestic violence criminal defense attorney. I knew I had a ton of worthy choices in hiring a domestic violence criminal defense attorney. I interviewed many domestic violence criminal defense lawyers and it was just a waste of time until I came across Attorney V. Iyer. I am just glad I found Attorney V. Iyer. I suggest you do not waste your time searching and interviewing a lot of domestic violence criminal defense attorneys. Just call Attorney V. Iyer and he will get the job done. He is honest, straight forward, works very hard and gets results. He really fights for you till the very end. He looks after your interest at all times and never allows the criminal justice system to push him or his client around.

        • Excellent Work Iyer Law Office DUI lawyersby Doug Gillian on 07/31/2011
          User Avatar
          I made a mistake and was caught drinking and driving. I hired V. Iyer of Iyer Law Office. V worked my case long and hard. V was very professional and knew the DUI laws extremely well. I am extremely happy with the results V got for me. He did a splendid job. He is my GO TO DUI LAWYER from now on. The staff at Iyer Law were always professional, courteous and prompt. I recommend Iyer Law to anyone you wants a real attorney who will fight. Attorney V. Iyer is a fighter and gives you the very best defense possible. Great Job Iyer Law


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