Meyer Construction

4833 Fessler Buxton Rd
Houston, OH 45333-9734
Local: (937) 418-2268

    Local Homes Custom Built & Remodeled - "It's The Little Things Make The Difference"

    Business Highlights
    • All Types Of Custom Home Improvements Done
    • All Types Of Home Remodeling & Additions
    • Basements Finished & Remodeled
    • Conventional Framed Buildings & Bars
    • Decks And Patios
    • Free Estimates
    • Insured & Bonded
    • Over 20 Years Experience
    • Pole Buildings Garages
    • Residential Commercial Agricultural
    • Roofing & Siding Windows Doors

    Contractors – General Contractors

    • Free Estimates Available
    • Areas Served

      State Wide,County Wide,City Wide

    • Special Services Offered

      Renovations / Remodeling

    • Services Offered

      Drywall Framing / Drywall Hanging,Waste Disposal System Repair,Boiler Installation,Rewiring Work,HVAC Systems Maintained,Glass Installation Work,Radioactive Waste Cleanup,Gas System Repair,Steel Bar Reinforcement,Home Additions,Inclined Railway Inspections,Steel Girder Installation,Terrazzo Finishing,Retaining Walls,Concrete Repair / Concrete Resurfacing,Amusement Park Ride Inspections / Ski Lift Inspections,Site Abatement,Ductwork Created,Construction Site Inspections,Site Decontamination,Concrete Cleaning / Concrete Finishing,HVAC Systems Installed,Ceiling Tile Installation,Carpet Laying,Wind Energy Products Installed,Drainage System Repair,Sheet Metal Work,Carpenter Work,Electrical System Maintainance,Electrical Inspectors,Ductwork Maintained,Ornamental Iron Installation,Energy Efficient Buildings Designed,Lighting Installation,Gutters Installed,Boiler Maintenance,Plumbing Fixture Installation,Pointing Work / Caulking Work,Ductwork Installed,Circuit Breaker Replacement,Sewer Line Cleaning & Waste Line Cleaning,Paper Hanging,Marble Setting,Process Tanks,Glass Cutting,Fire Sprinkler Systems Installed,Green Buildings,Building Permits Obtained,Pipelines Installed,Waterproofing,Water System Repair,Drain Pipes Installed,High-Pressure Pipe Systems Maintained,Water Mains Installed,Paint Removal,Gutters Maintained,Wood Floor Waxing,Plastering Work,Mechanical Inspectors,Wood Flooring,Water Collection Systems Installed,Acoustical Treatments Installed,Ceiling Installation,Glass Work,Landscape Roofing Systems,Concrete Drains Installed,Asphalt Paving,HVAC Inspections,Septic Tanks,Reinforcing Rod Placement,Mercury Removal,Sub-Floor Leveling,Decorative Painting,Brick Restoration / Stone Restoration,Glass Replacement,Toxic Materials Removal,Waste Reduction Buildings Designed,Brickwork,Tunnel Bracing,New Home Inspections,Laminate Floors Installed,Floor Leveling,Water Efficient Buildings Designed,Arsenic Removal,Storefront Window Glazing,Rebar Work,Concrete Surface Coloring,Improved Indoor Air Quality Construction,Door Frame Repair,Storage Tanks Removed,Stone Walls Built,Acoustical Carpenters,Solar Energy Products Installed,Railroads & Highways,Driveways / Curbs / Sidewalks,Electrical Wiring Inspections,Water Treatment Plants,Corrosive Materials Cleanup,Steel Frame Erection,Iron Girder Installation,Structural Steel Moving,Terrazzo Work,Exterior Painting,Wood Floor Sanding,Cabinets Built,Drinking Water Inspections,Concrete Masonry,Wooden Form Construction,Abrasive Sandblasting,Escalator Inspections / Moving Sidewalk Inspections,Low-Pressure Pipe Systems Maintained,Wood Repairs,Plastic Pipes Installed,Electrical System Installation,Broken Furniture Repair,Fiberglass Insulation,Emergency Site Cleanup,Sewer Pipes Installed,Roof Installation,Display Case Glass Fitting,Ceiling Insulation,Pressure Gauge Inspections,Clay Pipes Installed,Elevator Inspections,Furniture Built,Home Inspections,Pipe Insulation,Bridge Work,Construction Plan Evaluations,Air Pollution Equipment,Soil Condition Testing,Segmental Paver Work,Gas Lines Installed,Cellulose Insulation,Metal Fabrication,Floor Insulation,Building Inspections,Termite Repair / Dry Rot Repair,Boiler Fitting Inspections,Site Remediation,Blast Furnaces,Construction Materials Recycled,Roof Repairs,Stucco Work,Tile Installation,Public Works Inspectors,Demolition Service / Clean Up Services,Lead Removal,Cast-Iron Pipes Installed,Asphalt Sealing,Electrical Wiring Updates,Ductwork Insulation,Comprehensive Inspection Reports,Plumbing Inspectors,Nuclear Waste Cleanup,Insulation Work,Window Frame Repair,Interior Painting,Oil Lines Installed,Sustainable Home Designs,Smoke Stacks Erected,Asphalt Crack Repair,Rock Wool Insulation,Green Conversions,Asbestos Removal,All Types Of Home Remodeling & Additions,Basements Finished & Remodeled,Conventional Framed Buildings & Bars,Decks And Patios,Pole Buildings Garages

    • Customers Served

      Commercial,Residential,Residential Commercial Agricultural

    • Licenses, Certifications, Accreditations

      Insured & Bonded


      Please call for our normal hours of operation.

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      Meyer Construction
      (937) 418-2268
      4833 Fessler Buxton Rd
      Houston, OH 45333-9734

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