Safety Tips for New Medical Scooter Users

Medical scooters help people to get back in shape after accidents. A medical scooter relieves pain and aids mobility. The trick is learning how to use them correctly and safely.

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Medical scooters are dangerous if not used well. New users must learn safety tips to avoid accidents or causing more injury. The first thing you must do is adjust the handle and seat before using the scooter. The handle should be at belly level. The scooter seat should allow your knees to be at 90 degrees. It ensures you don't bend and end up with sore back, neck, and knee joints. Tighten all loose bolts before using the scooter. Loose bolts can fall off and cause accidents and injuries while the scooter is moving. Use four-wheeled scooters instead of three-wheeled ones to avoid toppling and a walker indoors. Move slowly since fast movements force you to lean forward or backward and avoid quick turns. Check for any cracks or debris on the ground and use compression socks, straps, and good boots to reduce the pressure that causes pain and soreness. Stretch and massage after using scooters.