How to Use Your Acura Tire Maintenance Kit

Nowadays, car manufacturers like Acura are delivering most of their vehicles to customers without spare tires in the back. In place of spare tires, car manufacturers are giving clients tire maintenance kits that clients can use to repair flat tires. How should people use a tire maintenance and repair kit for their Acura repairs? According to the narrator in the video, the tire repair kit is situated in the vehicle's underfloor area. It comprises an air compressor, pressure gauge, pressure relief button, power cord, two hoses, and a bottle of sealant.

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To use the kit, car owners should find a safe space to park their vehicles, turn off the engine and switch on the hazard lights. Then they should not remove the nail or whatever has punctured their tire to increase the chances of sealing the opening. Car owners should back up so the puncture is in a six o clock position. Next, they should connect the hose to the tire valve and connect the repair kit's power cord to the vehicle's accessory power socket. Next, car owners should set the selector switch to 'Sealant and Air' and press the start button. Car owners should continue adding air until they reach the required level, which is typically between 32 PSI and 35 PSI.