Did You Know About These Car Maintenance Myths?

This video will show some car maintenance myths you should avoid. Maintaining your car is vital in guaranteeing you excellent vehicle service for the long-haul. However, it would help if you were careful of car maintenance myths that promise fantastic results, including fuel reduction, engine efficiency, performance longevity, and lower expenses. Ensure you verify any car maintenance information, regardless of the source. What are some examples of car maintenance myths? Most auto body technicians recommend changing your car's oil after achieving a specific mileage. In most cases, the mileage they recommend does not align with what the owner's manual suggests.

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It would be wise to change your car's oil according to the mileage on the owner's manual to avoid incurring additional oiling expenses. You should also use the type of oil that your manufacturer suggests for optimum car performance. Using expensive oil does not guarantee better performance. Another common car maintenance myth is pressurizing your wheels according to the number on your tire surface. Instead, refer to the number on your door jamb sticker when pressurizing your tires. Avoid filling your wheels with nitrogen rather than air because it will cost you more without giving any extra advantages. It would also be great to steer clear of tire protectant sprays since they wear off within seconds of application.