Car Window Tinting Explained

As difficult as it may seem, auto glass tinting is an easy job. One can DIY or have a professional do it for them. The video shows a pro tints car windows with ease.

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The tools and materials needed for the job are available easily. One needs soapy water, a sprayer bottle, a handheld squeegee, tinting film, and their car. A short tutorial is sufficient for one to learn how to tint car windows easily. Car owners tint their windows to increase privacy and aesthetics. First, spray soapy water on a window, then place the tinting film over it. Flatten it on the window to ensure you get the right size of film for the window. With a stainless steel blade, cut out the tinting film you need for the window. Let it overlap by about 1cm at the top and bottom. Prepare the window for the film by spraying soapy water on the inside of the window. Peel off the outer layer of the film and place the other on the ready window. Adjust the tinting film until it fits on the widow. Repeat the process for the other windows. The rear window may be a bit harder to tint due to its curve.