4 Tips for Leading a Yoga Class

A beginning yoga teacher can find it nerve-racking to teach their first class. Like life, yoga needs a growth mindset and curious approach, ready for continual learning. Learn how to cue yoga poses awesomely by watching this video.

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Here are helpful tips for leading a yoga class:
  1. Teach Consciously: A yoga teacher should draw from yoga training and personal practice. The teacher should remember specific, difficult training sessions, expect the same difficulties from the students, and assist them before they request help.
  2. Model Behavior: Yoga teachers who understand their postures and sequences can easily model them in their classes. Such teachers show their students what certain poses look like when done correctly. Use yoga teachers' training to convey the essential details of a pose. This can be by illustration or explanation.
  3. Achieve Balance: Some poses work on both sides of the body simultaneously, while others work on each side at a time. A teacher might move on to the next pose with ease, meanwhile, the class is yet to achieve proficiency with the first pose. A yoga teacher should know to balance instructions.
  4. Have a Flexible Plan: Having a flexible attitude and adapting to the class environment are important. Some poses may be more challenging to the students than anticipated. Such poses may need more time to get right.