An Easy Etiquette Guide for Private Golf Clubs

Golf is a fun and social activity played outside in the fresh air and sunshine. However, private golf clubs have regulations and etiquette guidelines that you must follow. This video looks at the things expected of your etiquette in private golf clubs.

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While most private golf clubs adhere to a more traditional dress code, this does not mean that members or guests can't wear whatever they feel most confident in. However, tank tops, gym shorts, and cutoffs are all examples of inappropriate apparel in this situation. You can wear tennis shoes, but you can't wear shoes with metal spikes. Many private golf clubs have locker rooms that allow visitors and members to change out of their shoes and relax. You can carry your golf clubs from your car, although certain establishments may forbid this and have staff members ready to help you. As a courtesy, you can offer a tip to caddies. You don't often need a handicap to participate at a private club, and it's not even a strict requirement to have a high golfing ability. However, you should ensure that your slow play does not keep other people waiting.