What's It Like Being a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Whether prosecuting people who've broken the law or defending those accused of breaking the law, criminal attorneys play a critical role in the administration of justice. Criminal law work isn't easy, but there is no more thought-provoking and exciting legal career for people willing to rise to the challenge. So what's it like being a criminal defense attorney? According to one of the narrators in the video, being a criminal defense attorney is comprised of going to court and defending the rights of clients. Basically, criminal attorneys argue with the prosecution in the presence of a judge and jury to hold the state to its burden of proof, which is attempting to prove that the defendant is guilty of the crimes they're accused of.

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However, criminal defense attorneys don't always end up in court. If they reach a favorable plea with a prosecutor, they can present it to their clients, who either accept or reject it. If the client accepts the plea, they abide by its conditions. On the other hand, if they reject the plea, then the defense attorney will take the case to trial. Criminal defense attorneys also do a lot of work outside courts, including speaking with arresting officers and looking for possible witnesses to help their clients.