How to DIY Your Tire Repair If You Find a Hole

Tire problems in cars can sometimes be addressed quickly. Drivers can purchase small tire repair kits that each include a few portable items. One tool is used for digging into the punctured area of the tire.

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The kit also features several repair strips. Another piece of equipment helps people position the strip material correctly. The first tool has to be inserted into the tire's broken section and worked into the tire. When the area has been cleaned, it's time to use a tire repair strip. The strips have a sticky texture to them. It's then important to use the set tool to carefully add one of the strips. The set tool's tip is placed inside the tire's puncture hole after the strip has been balanced in between both halves of the set tool. Drivers then have to try to wedge the set tool inside the tire to get the strip material into just the right place. Soon the strip will change its shape and point towards the person handling the tool as the process progresses. The emergency tire kits have a high-quality tire sealant that people can manually apply to the punctured tire section which will hold everything in place.