How An Industry Shortage Is Hitting Local Auto Mechanics Hard

There is currently a lack of local auto mechanics in the U.S. Assuming current trends continue, a TechForce Foundation study, as reported by Auto Services World, projected that the nation will have a shortage of roughly 642,000 automotive and collision mechanics by 2024.

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Despite the report's publishing in the fall of last year, this year's auto repair issues persist. It is challenging for auto dealers and repair shops to find and retain technicians and other auto service staff. The Great Resignation affected several industries, notably the car sector. Dealers now have difficulty hiring and maintaining service advisers who interact with customers and service managers. However, there has been a severe shortage of auto repair workers for a very long time. Even though demand for automobile repairs and maintenance is rising now that the epidemic is over, garages regularly have to postpone working on the vehicles and, at times, send clients elsewhere due to a lack of staff. However, analysts contend that the transition to electric vehicles is one of the most exciting times to consider the future of automotive technology. They believe that the chance to study cutting-edge technologies will encourage workers to return to the field.