What to Do When in Need of Immediate Air Ride Suspension Services

Air suspensions are inflatable bags that provide smooth, comfortable rides. It comprises an air compressor, height sensors, and airbags for each of the wheels of your car. Tires and suspension are two things that can make you sleep on the road. The computer checks the compressor and bags for leaks when the car starts. The air suspension warning light will flash when the computer detects abnormalities like leaks and low height.

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A quick search online can help you fix the problem if it is minor with a few tweaks. You can still drive home safely if the problem is not severe such as a leak in one compressor bag. Avoid driving when more than one compressor bag leaks. Malfunctioning height sensors can give false readings. Check with air ride suspension services to scan the suspension for error codes before replacing the bags. Removing and checking the wheels for excessive cracking or leaks identifies other faults. You should schedule for air compressor replacement if the air suspension problem persists.