What to Ask Your Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is challenging because it forces people to contemplate matters that will happen while living and even after death. It is vital to ensure assets are managed and that heirs receive their inheritances without issues. This is where estate planning attorneys come in. This video highlights five things to ask before hiring a trust attorney.

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Though any lawyer can write up a will for uncomplicated situations, like naming a beneficiary, seasoned estate planning attorneys assist in navigating complicated situations involving multiple heirs and several trusts. Before hiring an estate planning lawyer, ask them whether they primarily focus on estate planning. Proceed with the attorney if they concentrate on estate planning. A specialist is updated on all legal statutes changes and has the know-how to handle complex succession cases. It is also important to know how long they have been practicing. Finding the most experienced estate planning attorney is the key. Such lawyers know how to face hurdles in the courts and Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Ask whether the attorney actually executes the plan. Some lawyers draw up the documents, while others execute the trusts. Hiring one who executes the trust is efficient because they can ensure the assets are transferred into the trust.