Here's What Pet Owners Ask About Dog Boarding Services

Dog boarding service is care for dogs whose owners are away. They strive to give the dogs the best experience in a relaxed, safe environment. The following are some frequently asked questions that dog owners ask service providers.

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Dog owners will ask boarding services why their dogs cannot be boarded. Boarding facilities will not accept sick animals or ones with infectious diseases. They'll also deny you if the dog is not vaccinated or dewormed. Others also want to know if dog boarding is stressful or what saddens the dog after boarding. Pet boarding is not necessarily stressful, but the owners should prepare the dog well for the adjustment. Changing environments, diets, and routines can cause stress that each dog reacts to differently. The boarding will give your dog prescribed anti-anxiety medication in extreme cases. Inquire about feeding schedules and emergency policies. It'll clear out issues concerning what happens if your dog is injured, gets into a fight, or falls sick while at the boarding facilities.