The Organized Process of a Home Siding Installer

Choosing the right siding when remodeling or building a home's exterior is critical. Homeowners can install the siding independently, as seen in this video. Many siding options are easy to install, but sometimes homeowners need to hire a home siding installer to execute the task. Individuals who own a miter saw have an easy time making square cuts on various forms of horizontal siding.

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While fastening is not difficult, the core challenge is identifying the studs to nail. To complete a siding task successfully, a home siding installer must observe simple work guidelines. Plan the layouts before the installation process. Doing so is critical to avoiding odd shreds of material below or above windows and doors. Siding should extend up the wall evenly, while courses should lay flat once they converge in a corner. The story pole is a crucial part of the layout. It helps a home siding installer prepare for problems and determine effective solutions. Installers follow the same process when installing vertical siding, such as tongue-and-groove or board-and-batten. Proper planning is required when installing panel siding to ensure joints strike studs while avoiding narrow pieces along wall edges. Allow the layout job sufficient time to prevent issues in the future and achieve good results.