What Hapens During Adult Hearing Tests at Audiology Clinics

There are many reasons why an adult might seek the help of an audiologist. Maybe you're experiencing tinnitus, or ringing in your ear, that simply won't go away. It's possible that you've been experiencing difficulty hearing other people when they speak to you. The hearing tests provided at a clinic are a great way for a medical professional to learn more about what's going on in your ear so they can determine what sort of care will be best for you. The first step of your visit you can expect is for the audiologist to complete a patient history file.

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This will give them an important background to better understand your concerns and situation. Then, they will perform an otoscopy. This allows them to investigate the state of the patient's ear canals. Once they are free of wax or debris, further testing can begin. Immittance audiometry can help detect the presence of any middle ear disorders. This shows the doctor how your eardrum moves when the air pressure in the canal fluctuates. Now it is time for the audiogram. The patient will enter a chamber and wear a pair of headphones, then indicate if they hear a sound during the test. .