Driving Students Should Start with this Introductory Driving Course

Learning to drive is exciting but nerve-racking for new drivers. This video introduces a new series, called " Learn how to Drive Class 101" designed especially for new drivers to offer key safety tips and empower them to take to the road with confidence. The driving course series features 10 episodes that take a step-by-step approach per episode for beginner drivers. The first episode is a complete look at two important topics in preparation for driving.

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This preparation prior to driving boosts confidence, as well as ensures safer driving because the student knows what should be done before getting in the car. The video driving course moves through how to adjust the seat and steering wheel to the driver's needs, how to use turn signals, or how to turn on the blinkers. Additionally, the instructor makes a crucial point on the proper way to use the right foot when driving while leaving the left foot to rest. The driver course trainer reveals the specific reason why drivers should never use both feet to drive. Future episodes move on to related driving topics. Visual learning with the episodes of the "Learn how to Drive Class 101" driving course will create more knowledgeable first-time drivers.