How a Flooring Service Can Replace Your Rotten Subfloor

No one wants to see rot on their home's subfloor, but such a scenario may occur when your property's external walls and the supports for block beams don't have adequate ventilation. Fortunately, you can rectify this issue by seeking a professional flooring service specialist to replace your subfloor with a new one. This is one repair job you won't want to neglect.

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Failure to take care of it early can lead to more extensive damage. Replacing the rotten parts involves removing all the flooring and joisting that are in bad shape after assessing the extent of the devastation. The flooring contractor will also calculate the affected area's backward reach by cutting the floor at the joist using a circular saw to enable them to install a replacement joist. Afterward, they will seal the area with sheathing or flooring boards at right angles, or 90 degrees, where the sheathing's edges meet the joists. Some bridging may be necessary if the bridging center or blocking is beneath the joint. Once the damaged subfloor is eliminated, the technician will need to perform the repairs going backward. They will also replace any broken wall studs and the floor plate before they proceed to reinstall the insulation of a new subfloor.