How a Dermatologist Prevents Blisters From Forming

If you've donned a new pair of shoes without breaking them in or taken an impromptu hike while on vacation, chances are you've dealt with a blister at some point in your life. These skin conditions are a common occurrence that can dampen your fun with the pain they cause. Learning more about blisters from a dermatologist can help you prevent them from plaguing you again, as well as mitigate the discomfort they cause if it's too late to stop one from forming. When dealing with blisters, it's important to note that their main cause is the chafing of your skin.

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Preventing this from occurring will take away most risks of blisters rearing their ugly heads. One way to stop a blister from forming is to protect your feet. This could mean wearing moisture-wicking socks, or even two pairs, to keep your feet comfortable. You also want your feet to remain dry as moisture can lead to chafing. It's also crucial that your shoes fit properly. An improper fit will cause them to rub against your feet as you walk, which will eventually lead to a blister. Most blisters will disappear on their own in about a week or two. In the meantime, keep them clean and cover them with a bandage. .