A Deportation Lawyer Shares Her Top Defense Strategies

If you have made a life for yourself in the United States, the notion of being removed to another country against your will can be terrifying. The American legal system is an overwhelming and unsympathetic system of rules that seems impossible to decipher. Rather than despair and resign yourself to your fate, seek the assistance of an experienced deportation lawyer. They'll have decades of knowledge to help you build a defense.

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First, it's important to understand the terminology that will be used in your case. Before April of 1997, this event was referred to as "deportation." During this time, the charging document was labeled as the OSC. Since that date, the terminology has switched to "removal" and the document is called the NTA, or Notice to Appear. Drawing from a recent Supreme Court Ruling, one strategic defense that can be employed for you deals with NTAs without any official dates and times. If this applies to your case, you can file for termination of the 42b, which is a non-LPR cancellation, for removal. Another approach is to use prosecutorial discretion. This means that you could file for a motion to continue, or postpone, your case. With this option you can soldier on in your legal battle without facing deportation. .