This Back Pain Reliever Technique Might Be the Solution for You

Low back pain is a frequent complaint to physicians that affects one-quarter of adults in the US. It’s a leading cause of disability. So what is the back pain reliever today that could help patients live free from pain? Here’s what you need to know. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment is a hands-on method.

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Doctors used this to treat muscle, bone, or tendon pain because of structural imbalance, and a wide range of health conditions. Also, this back pain reliever treatment will encourage the body to heal by ensuring that muscles and bones are balanced. Most patients get this to treat lower back pain. However, doctors use this treatment to treat various conditions. Adults and children could benefit from this therapy, even babies. Pregnant women also get this back pain reliever therapy to relieve pain and improve sleep. It could also help infants that have colic. A person may receive OMT to help with many conditions, including musculoskeletal problems and asthma. OMT is also a treatment option for people with chronic pain. It reduces pain levels, enhances functional status, and decreases the use of medications for people with chronic pain conditions. If you think this treatment sounds like the solution for you, reach out to your doctor today.