Surprising Relationship Advice from a Divorce Attorney

Marriage is a lot like a scratch-off card. You're rolling the dice and you don't know if you'll get a winner. The fact is, many, if not most, marriages end in divorce. When it comes to marriage, it's certainly worth the gamble, but you should be prepared for divorce. With that in mind, working with a divorce attorney is important to plan for a marriage turning sour. You buy insurance for your car.

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When you buy a home or rent a place, you often must fill out dozens of forms. There's a ton of information out there telling you your risks and obligations with these transactions. With marriage, if you don't hire a family lawyer beforehand, you've got nothing except goodwill. Marriage is an extensive legal contract, and you must treat that fact carefully. It's smart to have a few tough conversations about finances and other important legal aspects before you even get married. Mandatory financial disclosures are also wise as both parties will be impacted by the other's finances, including student loans and credit card debt. Sound like a lot of hard work? It is! But so too is marriage. Fortunately, with the legal aspects, a family law attorney can help.